The Digital Franchise that guarantees your investment repayment with a 100%-commission for direct sales!

Destander International has its own brand of HEALTH PRODUCTS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS and DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS. All of them under the MICELLAR MICROBIOTIC concept, an advanced leading-edge method to produce nature-based and science-based food. Destander International produces and distributes its products through independent sales representatives that have joined the system by making a minimum investment and they are in charge of distributing and selling the products. They also promote the system mainly via the Internet, using a powerful Ecommerce circuit that is backed by front-line banks from all over the world and internationally renowned credit operators.

Destander International has over 60 thousand sales representatives in over 20 countries and it is defining itself as the company with the highest ONLINE growth in digital franchises in Latin America. Its products are designed under the highest QUALITY standards, obeying the current health, environmental, tax and legal regulations of each country in which it operates, and as a result obtaining scientific and medic support of international prestige.


Its mission is to develop the best products that science and technology allow for. These products are made from plants and herbs in order to help people feel better and live a healthier life. It has the best business plan on the market, through which its sales representatives can plan a career or profession that enables them to be recognized and achieve their personal goals.


It’s our goal to be an internationally renowned company providing the best nutritional products and the best business opportunity in the world; as well as to construct the biggest independent entrepreneurs’ community on the planet through which people can be HEALTHY and achieve FINANCIAL GROWTH.


It’s our goal to contribute in a significant way to ONG’s and Foundations that struggle to feed and take care of children living under extreme conditions by helping in their fund- raising programs and providing a strong social consciousness-raising program in each level and social status. 


  • Engagement and compliance with all our agreements.
  • Superior Quality: we do not settle with only having things done in the right way. We make an effort to better ourselves each day.
  • Integrity: we are true to our word by being coherent about what we say and who we really are.
  • Loyalty to our employees, suppliers, investors, direct clients, indirect clients, managers and our independent partners.


Our GOAL on THIS VERY DAY: ‘Being Better than Yesterday.’


  • Openness in everything we do. On our web site you will find the results we got, the mistakes we made, the solutions we used, the processes we used and our agreements in an open and crystal clear way so that every person can have access to this information without being an employee or independent sales representative.


  • Obsession for HELPING: We work to continuously provide our independent sales people with updated tools that help them grow and achieve their personal goals. We invest in science and technology in order to have the best products on the health and nutrition market.


Destander and NUTRIRTE FULL CONCENTRATE develop, produce and sell products with the highest quality at a national and an international level, while taking care of the environment, working with environmental regulatory bodies and prioritizing environmental care, the quality of our products and the income of our independent sales representatives; but we place little importance on our company’s returns.

Our Commitment:

  • Developing dietary products and functional foodstuffs that meet all the needs and expectations of our clients and consumers.
  • Maintaining and improving the after-sales service by serving our clients beyond the net income of our products or treatments.
  • Continuously analyzing the market demands with the objective of developing innovative products.
  • Fostering growth and personal development among our partners and independent entrepreneurs.
  • Working tirelessly to help families and kids living under extreme crisis conditions.